Men take pride in getting comments. Especially about their blogs. Getting commented on his blog lets a man tell himself that he had something interesting to say, and that others agree that it was pretty interesting. He will then go on to be assured that, since others think that what he has to say is interesting, he is himself, in fact, interesting.

Usually, however, men are not content with just one or two comments. A post with so few comments usually means that only a few people find him interesting, and those one or two people are probably the wrong kinds of people, the kind who think that well near everything is interesting. The man receiving these comments will usually wait a couple of days after getting them to blog again, hoping that the ticker will go up a couple notches before he moves on.

A man receiving zero comments on his blog will have his pride hurt fairly deeply, and might stop blogging entirely. Or he might start a new blog, hoping to attract others with a facade of newness, when really he is saying the same things he was saying in his last blog.

If you’re looking for a magic number of comments a man will be content with, the correct answer is two more than he currently has. Then he will temporarily be pretty satisfied with his writing.