I’m Ditching My iPhone and Switching to Android Because…

I’ve loved my iPhone for a long time, but it’s time to move on. I can give you at least ten reasons.

  • iTunes. TerribleSlow. Bloatware I would never use if it weren’t for Apple forcing me to. I plan on uninstalling it immediately.
  • There is zero customizability of background functions for developers. This means an app must be OPENED in order to really take advantage of advanced features. Case in point: IFTTT. Fantastic app that allows you to do cool things like sync photos to Dropbox that you take from your phone camera! …for ten minutes after you exit the app. Want to just snap and know it’ll be on Dropbox no matter when you take it? Sorry no can do. Unless you use Apple iCloud. The lack of flexibility from Apple’s developer API makes automation almost impossble.
  • Speaking of developer API, I have to pay to develop for Apple and iOS. Sigh. Not even Microsoft does that. This isn’t a reason to lose the phone, I just don’t like it.
  • In case you haven’t noticed, Apple tries to corner users into using their ecosystem (iTunes, iCloud, and a host of other i-Whatever). If you want to use just about anything outside their ecosystem, (like I want to use Dropbox for example,) tough. It is difficult by design to work outside of their ecosystem because this is how Apple 2014 tries to keep their competitive advantage: not cooperating or compromising with others and closing their ecosystem. Sound like a CEO you used to know?
  • I can’t just drag and drop files on or off my iPhone. Why?
  • I can’t move text messages, voicemails, or anything else off without paying for software whose SOLE function is to get stuff off my phone.
  • Only one computer can be synced to my phone at a time???
  • Google Now is just better than Siri. Better voice recognition because Google just has better engineers. Let’s be real.
  • iTunes Store only allows me 5 computers per Apple ID. What if I have a computer for home and computer for work, replace each every five years? In 10 years I’m out of computers to use. Sounds unlikely but I’ve had an Apple ID for 7 years and I’m running out of computers I can use with it.
  • Everyone and their mom has an iPhone. Seriously. Well, except my mom. She just got a Galaxy Note 3.
  • Product Innovation has stalled. iOS 7 really doesn’t offer much iOS 6 didn’t except a fresh coat of paint. Just ask my wife who’s still happily using iOS 6 and doesn’t feel a thing.
  • The competition has improved too much. Apple thrived in product categories that didn’t exist before. Now the competition’s too stiff and Apple’s price is just too high for products that, let’s face it, are just not that premium anymore.
  • Did I mention iTunes?

So there it is. I’m leaving. Hellloooo Droid Maxx!!