A Ringtone for all you Brooklyn Nine Nine fans out there…

Need the Brooklyn Nine Nine Ringtone? Look no further.

iOS (look below for Android)

I give you the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Theme iPhone Ringtone, for all your action-packed, wise-cracking, bad-guy-busting needs. Now when duty calls, you can spring into action just like the world-class detectives of the 99th precinct.

Yes this is what I spent my Thanksgiving Break doing. Thank you for judging me.

You can just drag this file onto your phone using iTunes. If you accidentally drag it into just iTunes and can’t find it, go to the “Tones” part of iTunes. You should find it there and it should be a snap to move to your phone from there.

Upload iTunes Ringtones here
Upload iTunes Ringtones here

For Android:

Put this mp3 on your phone. Change your ringtone to it. Done. I love android.

If you really need a tutorial for Android ringtones, here’s a good one.