2. Facebook Profile Pictures

When it comes to expressing their personalities, men like to go for the biggest bang for the buck, and there isn’t a place that he can get a bigger bang than Facebook. While he could use his Facebook status message or notes to express himself, it generally won’t convey that man’s sense of who thinks he is very well, unless he feels he is exceptionally good at writing. For everyone else, the profile picture is their best bet.

There are several ways that a man will use his profile picture to express himself. The first will be to show that he owns something. This is used most frequently with women. If a man feels his relationship with a woman is strong enough and that she is pretty enough, he will include her in his profile picture to show his fellow men that he has a girlfriend, and is thus better than those who don’t have women in their profile pictures. If a woman is not an option, he can use a picture with something he owns that he particularly likes, such as a car or alcohol.

The level of silliness is also an important part of the profile picture. The more silly a man acts in his profile picture, the more secure he wants you to think that he is. This picture, however, is almost always taken posed, and then chosen specifically by the man as the defining picture that you will see when you enter his Facebook page, or when he writes on your Funwall. By choosing a silly picture, he can communicate that he doesn’t really care what you think of him, which is exactly what every guy wants everyone around him to think. This is because real men don’t care what others think, unless it’s that he has a pretty girlfriend or that he doesn’t need anyone’s approval to be secure.